Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today, I journaled a RAK in my book. RAK for me stands for a random act of kindness I cant tell you what it was or it would not seem random to me. I am experimenting by tracking them and tracking the positives that happen in my life.

What is possible? I was told that I need to run ads, put in key words, post pictures of women or write about sorrid stories to get people to visit this blog. I think they are wrong. I was told there are no sites with over 1,000 visitors that dont sell things have sex, negativity or links to other blogs. We will see. I have some very Positive people that I associate with.

I was reading Think and Grow Rich this morning and was reminded of something: There is a quote inbetween chapters that says : happiness is found in doing not only in possessing. Do you know what is powerful about that for me? Bill Gates has said "If I had to pick between my wealth and my job I would choose my job" and Warren Buffett has said "I enjoy the process far more than the proceeds" and further back in time Mark Twain has said "the secret to doing well in business is to turn your vocation into your vacation". I find it interesting how they tie together.


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