Thursday, November 30, 2006

I have a Collection of quotes from people in the book Think and Grow Rich. I have gone to the library and picked up books based on people in the book Think and Grow Rich and what is interesting is how many of these quotes can not be found on the internet. For as advanced as technology has become I am always interested in things that it misses, for example when I search for a product or service and the company listings are out of my area or on the local searches and the product or service company has been out of business for 5 years or more.

I see quite a few sites that have been devoted to Think and Grow Rich and its principals but most seem to be trying to sell people into buying other self help programs or getting them to buy something else. I have also inquired into quite a few Think and Grow Rich based groups and found that many are using Think and Grow Rich as a front to bait people into get rich quick ideas. I dont think that Napoleon Hill would like his name being attached to things like that.

Just my opinions.


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