Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Here is an ad that will be running to help the NON-business group expand.

I have a private group that meets and is made up of
some of the best people in ____. It is different than any other group that
you have likely attended. It does not have business
presenters, and there are no fees or dues required. By invitation
only can you become member of this group.

Heads of charitable groups, political leaders,
CEO's of public and private companies, and various
technology and business service people attend.
The first three alone make the group different from
any that I had been to and the meetings are held at my
private residence. I am looking to invite special
people that are charitable, intelligent, polite,
prompt and success oriented.
CPA's, marketing specialists, people that hold various
patents, high end web-designers, sports agents and
public company CEO's are highly desirable. All
business people are welcome as well.

The goal of the group is to
develop long lasting high quality relationships with
likeminded people. You can become a member by invitation only. I would
like to know more about you to see if you would benefit from this
group. Please respond and tell me a little about yourself so that I can
consider including you in this private group.

Thank you


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