Monday, October 23, 2006

I have spoken to several charitable groups recently, one that I met with is one of the founders of Narcanon. I met with that person 2 weeks ago and had them explain some of the techniques they used for detoxification like using a sauna to sweat out the drug residues out of the fat cells. It made scence but they claimed to be the only ones doing this.

The meeting at my house last week was a great success in bringing good people together. There was nearly a perfect attendance record. I know that the meetings are not for business or charity directly but the people there are motivating to be around. The CEOs and political leader that were there have been given praises by others that came as well. Thank you to all in attendance.
I have received several thank you emails and some business was done between at least two of the members that were there. As I have said it is not a business meeting it is just a personal gathering of people that I know and respect.