Thursday, October 19, 2006

This is my first post to this blog. Thank you for reading it. I enjoy speaking to people about their lives as it relates to charitable causes and the passion that they have for the charities that they support.

My passion as you know is caring about causes like crystal meth and the Red Cross. As many of you know my brother was killed in a suicide where I beleive that drugs like meth I beleive played a role. As many of you also know I spent some time working for the Red Cross in my youth. In addition I care about people that support charities that they feel are important to them. I enjoy being around people that have a genuine caring for things beyond their own person desires.


Blogger Mike Klein said...

Thanks for your comment to my blog--am curious about how you found me. Your conversation about "creating faith" intrigues me considerably--would love to chat further.

Mike Klein

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Blogger BLACJAC'S BLOG PLACE said...

GREETINGS AND BLESSINGS MR TOM BAILY I am Jack Arthur, of Toledo,Ohio and I've been hospitalized twice for suicidal attempts or ideations.!And even though some of my tyres haven't resulted in any negative effects to me (but my wife says I'm weird)
while others who have tried similar actions have ended up "in a comma" and incoherent,I've had 3 strokes and have high blood pres. "But I'm not diabetic"?at 285 lbs and only 5'9" yea 43% obese ! at 64 yrs old,

So if anyone doesn't believe we will live out our years according to "GOD'S PLAN FOR OUR LIVES" I AM CONVINCED HE CONTROLS MINE! AND FOR A REASON,OR MANY MANY REASONS!

You see Mr Baily in 1983 I made up a herbal formula for "EMPHYSEMA"and it has improved and given a much better quality of life even cured a number of severe case's of "MPHYSEMA" !

In people I've never met in person,I received a request today from a lady in Dublin,Ireland and I
will do my best to help her,

I'd like for you to look up "JACKS HEALING FORMULA " AND you will see how I help others and it gives me a very,very deep sense of accomplishment or more so,a inner peace. GOD the way I do ask for $40.00 to $50.00 for my time,gas,shipping,other herb I have to buy and packaging.Which gets me to about break even..

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